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Having a great website is one thing. But knowing exactly how many people visited it allows you to work your website to the limit. Some web hosts allow hit counters – a small counter (like the speedo in your car) on the bottom of your site, in full view of your customers and your competitors! This just isn’t acceptable.

True statistics packages will let you see

  • How many visitors you had for the month
  • How many are repeat visitors
  • How many pages they looked at
  • Which pages they looked at
  • How long they stayed on your site
  • How they got to your site
  • Which search engine they used (if any)
  • Which keywords they used (in a search engine)
  • What country your visitors are coming from
  • Plus more

All Compverse Web Hosting accounts include free password protected statistics, keeping them safe from the prying eyes of your competitors, but online updated daily just for you.


What is webmail you ask? Webmail is an application that allows you to check your emails on any computer that can connect to the internet, directly via your web browser (with no special setup required). A well known example of this is Hotmail.

So why is webmail so important? Imagine you leave town (for business or pleasure) and need to keep in touch. You can either have someone at home print out all your emails and fax them to you each evening in your motel, or you could use any machine to check your emails and respond on the spot. So you’re always in control. It’s that simple.

All Compverse Web Hosting accounts include free secure webmail features. For a demonstration, contact Compverse Web Hosting customer support.


No, not funky ‘70’s shoes, platforms refer to the programming language supported by your web host. The two most common, best supported, most stable platforms are based on Windows and Unix. Between them, they can handle almost any site, from the most basic to the most complex, with total reliability.

Supported services

  • ASP (Windows server)
  • PHP (both platforms)
  • MySQL database (both platforms)
  • SSL secure certificate (both platforms)
  • CGI scripts (both platforms)
  • Front Page Extensions (both platforms)




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